Services by DK Design


Outdoor Living
DK Design creates exterior living spaces that rival their interior counterparts in function, style and sophistication. From luxurious lounge areas to al fresco dining rooms, poolside pavilions to rooftop terraces, DK Design living spaces are visually striking, elegantly furnished, functional and emotionally satisfying. With access to a vast array of outdoor furnishings and fabrics from around the world, DK Design can accommodate residential, corporate and hospitality clients, as well as almost any style.


Fine Gardening
Unlike most typical landscape design companies, DK Design specializes in highly stylized or thematic gardens inspired by European classicism, modern simplicity or both.  More than just foundation plantings and curb-to-house lawns, DK Design fine gardens consist of more complete and distinct garden areas or “rooms” which together, form a cohesive whole and optimize the relationship between house and garden.

To achieve that optimal relationship, DK Design often recommends the consistent, recurrent use of certain architectural elements, building and planting materials and design concepts when creating garden areas. These areas are designed to enhance the beauty of the dwelling, fulfill the functional requirements of each space and to complement their interior counterparts, thereby maximizing the client’s enjoyment of both spaces.


At DK Design, we believe that proper lighting is essential to realizing the full potential of any finished space, whether it be a sweeping lawn, a back porch or a dining pavilion. From low voltage LED accent lighting to HID moonlighting systems to decorative exterior fixtures, DK Design specializes in maximizing the nighttime value of your property in terms of beauty, function, safety and security.


Ongoing Care
For clients seeking ongoing support in the garden and beyond, DK Design offers GARDEN CONCIERGE®, our exclusive home, garden and lifestyle care program. Featuring customized services, preferred-customer pricing, priority scheduling and much more, GARDEN CONCIERGE® gives you the freedom to “cultivate your lifestyle” while we do all the work! To see how GARDEN CONCIERGE® can be tailored to meet your specific needs, DK Design invites you to call and schedule a consultation.